Salinometer Hydrometer Rack Set


  • #380 – 10” Salinity/Brine Hydrometer at 60°F
  • 10” Pyrex Test Jar and Cleaning Brush
  • S18 Wooden Hydrometer Storage/ Usage Rack


Specially calibrated to read out the percentage of salt in a solution. Also called salinimeter or salimeter. Perfect for salt water aquariums, lobster tanks, cheese making, brines and much more.

We have spent MANY decades researching the best way to store and use your instruments and we’ve succeeded! This wooden creation has the ability to house all of these precision instruments in the proper vertical manner while you are using them or while you are storing them. Often times Hydrometers roll off of the table, or get laid down inappropriately resulting in breakage. Can be hung on a wall, placed on your shelf, rinsed and dried.