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Precision Brewing Hydrometers

Precision Brewing Hydrometers



Wether you are looking to upgrade from your current triple scale or simply replacing pieces of your existing kit, this is the best hydrometer for the job! These precision hydrometers allow you to accurately take VERY precise specific gravity readings. There are three diffrent options of our precision handcrafted hydrometers, (.980-1.020, 1.000-1.070, 1.060-1.130) all of which are calibrated at 60°F. Made proudly in the USA. These instruments are non-toxic with heavy walled glass, easy to read scales, and are N.I.S.T traceable! These are truly laboratory grade tools, at an affordable price. They come complete with instrument case for years of reliability! 

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask one of our technicians.

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