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Standard Battery Hydrometer

Standard Battery Hydrometer

  • 2F011 Replacement Hydrometer Float
  • Replacement 10" Glass Barrel
  • Natural Red Rubber Set

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This Century Old Hydrometer Design allows the user accurate and reliable Specific Gravity readings for a lifetime. This High Quality Tool will test your battery's State of Charge and give you an understanding of the overall health of your batteries.  Its Professional, Heavy-Duty Design can monitor your flooded lead-acid batteries for decades and optimize the life of your expensive batteries.  Google "Using a Battery Hydrometer" for more information.  Flexible Rubber Tip with Ratchet Clamp allows for use in tight spaces.  


  • Heavy Duty, Industrial Grade, Professional Battery Tester
  • 1.100-1.300 Specific Gravity Range based at 77 F
  • Distortion Free Glass Barrel
  • Professional Grade Rubber Parts
  • 7” Flexible Tip
  • Ratchet Clamp
  • Assembly and Usage Instructions
  • Reusable Packaging
  • Free Customer Support
  • Quantity Discounts Available
  • Hand-Made in the USA!

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