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Syrup and Sap Hydrometer Set

Syrup and Sap Hydrometer Set

•    #727GOLD – Non-Toxic 0-12° Brix Scale @38°F, 7” Sap Hydrometer
•    #713GOLD – Non-Toxic 0-10° Brix Scale @38°F, 12” Sap Hydrometer
•    #733GOLD – Non-Toxic 45-75° Brix / 25-40° Baume @60°F, 10” Syrup Hydrometer
•    #709GOLD – Non-Toxic 50-71° Brix Scale @60°F, 12” Syrup Hydrometer
•    Deluxe Storage Case


This is a Professional Grade Hydrometer Set for making maple syrup. Made proudly in the USA. These instruments are non-toxic with heavy walled glass, easy to read scales, and are N.I.S.T traceable! This Kit includes (4) Precision Hydrometers packed in a Custom Instrument Case. Single hydrometers are available, call (717) 453-7171 Monday thru Thursday 7:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m. and we can help.